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Coaching Beyond

“In times of turmoil the danger lies not in the turmoil but in facing it with yesterday’s logic” Peter Drucker

Are we ready to step outside our comfort zone of business as usual and integrate climate realities faced by our clients into our work and navigate a more positive future?

The course will:

  • Provide ways of being as well as tools and techniques and insights.
  • Provide time to listen, reflect, learn and experiment together with other like-minded coaches and supervisors.
  • Leave you feeling inspired to have a greater positive impact on the world around us.
  • Support you with clear next steps for integrating this into your coaching practice and community.
  • Inspire you to act on your values and bring them into coaching and supervision conversations.
  • Allow you to be yourself in a safe space. The mastery of coaching comes with practice and experimentation.


Investigate your values, where you are now?

Nurture your strengths with confidence

Sense what’s yours to do/be/serve

Pause, reflect on what matters and what you need

Ignite your identity and integrate into your practice

Respond plan and decide on your path

Engage with clients colleagues and wider communities

For further information and enrolment for coaching courses on climate and biodiversity please go to;