Three Brain Super-Vision Exercise

The Three Brain Super-vision Exercise

Scientists have recently discovered that the neurons we have in the ‘head brain’ are also present in the heart and gut. This means that when we speak about emotions coming from the heart and ‘gut feelings’ we are actually speaking about the ‘brain’ in those areas sending important signals to us

The purpose of this supervision exercise is to discover the different aspects of the situation from the different perspectives of your mind brain (thoughts), your heart brain (emotions) and of your gut brain (feelings)
When challenging coaching situations arise, it can help to pause for breath, look at things from different parts of the brain, and reach a new understanding of a situation. Building on this experience a new strategy or plan of action may be revealed.

These are the stages of this process (take a note pad & pen if you like to capture your ideas):

1/ Preparing for a reflective piece of self-supervision.
Pause for a few deep breaths & reflect upon a situation/client you want to consider.

2/ Using different spaces/places in the room write the following and put them on the space/place you decide on:
Head brain (thoughts)
Heart brain (emotions)
Gut brain (feelings)

Stand or sit in the Observer place for a few moments. Be calm, centered, present and aware of your breathing. Empty your mind of clutter or invading thoughts or feelings.

Change your space, take a few breaths and go from there to experience the ‘Head Brain’ position. Just take time to ‘be’ in this new position. What are you thinking? What else are you thinking? Capture your thoughts about this situation or client?

Again move to a different space, take your time and breathe out the thoughts of the previous space. Go to where you placed your ‘Heart Brain’, tune into your emotions. Notice what they are revealing to you. What are your strongest emotions as you stand or sit with the situation or client you are considering. You may like to jot down what you are experiencing.

Now change you place using your breathing and leaving behind your emotions while you change to the ‘Gut Brian’ place. Change your state from the one before and be present in this new place, the place of Gut Feelings. Gently notice where the feelings are in your body as you reflect on the situation you are exploring. Jot these feelings down if you wish to.

Now take your time to walk slowly back to the Observer’s place. Breathe deeply in and out. As you move allow the thoughts, emotions & feelings of the previous places to fade from your awareness.

3/ Now in the Observers place reflect on what each of these positions revealed to you. This is a great self-supervision exercise and can bring new insights.  

New Clean Language methodology developed by David Grove
New Clean Language methodology developed by David Grove