Suze Anderson

3rd March 2018

It was not only the practical business tools with which Jackie was able to provide me that were so beneficial, but the softer skills of mindfulness, approach and adaptability which have proven so valuable to me, both personally and as a manager, since we began working together.

Jackie has particularly assisted me with tools for team building and development, essential as most of the team were new, including guidance on mentoring individuals and specific situations.  She has also been invaluable in providing guidance and ways forwards in other areas, such as managing challenging colleague situations.  Her warmth, presence and wise counsel, and her ability to bring out the best solutions, have given me the tools I’ve needed to grow and develop as a manager.  I look forward to continuing to work with Jackie as a management coach as my career progresses


Suze Anderson

Head of Major Gifts

 LSE Advancement

London School of Economics and Political Science