Rosemary Jones

22nd June 2015

“I have taken on a senior role in a large complex organisation. …I met with my first coachee from the organisation and began an exciting journey which was both fascinating and enlightening…… Having discussed various tools and techniques during the CMI workshops led by Jackie Arnold and practiced with colleagues, I was amazed to see how they could unlock someone’s thought process and enable them to consider their situation in a completely different way”

I found Jackie’s teaching style accessible and practical and with her carefully chosen anecdotes, she managed to create an environment in which my fellow students learned and felt comfortable trying out coaching techniques.  I also noticed how she flexed her responses to meet the needs of all of us given that we were such a diverse group of students.  This was seeing someone “walk the talk” and as such she is a great role model for all aspiring coaches.

I hope this helps you help others as you have helped me.