Robert Baker

22nd June 2015

We have been fortunate to have Jackie Arnold, a very experienced and knowledgeable coaching practitioner as course tutor. Jackie’s experience has provided good solid functional teaching at a skills level, ample practice and feedback session to demonstrate the flow and process and build understanding of how and what coaching is, the benefits and how to embed it into SHG. This met standard learning expectations.

In line with the higher level of personal engagement required for successful coaching relationships Jackie has demonstrated and encouraged a reflective coaching practice. This has been confirmed and consolidated in the two telephone sessions and ad hoc queries.

This was particularly helpful when dealing with a clinical psychologist as a coachee who could very easily use her specialist knowledge and skills to challenge my practice and (apparent to me) novice skill level.

Discussion with Jackie led to me simplifying my approach and focusing only what matters to the client. This session in particular overcame a large hesitation and doubt both with that series of sessions and my practice overall.


Reflection on this instance has taught me the coachee had power to, but no interest in, wasting her time by criticising (which was my main fear) and had at least some belief in me and the process to help her with her issues. And it did.


The act of doing and engaging was both satisfying and encouraging. Her approach as a coachee was very different to my earlier experiences because she was clearly used to unpeeling issues and needed to be kept on track and guided back to the topic in consideration.