4: The Benefits of Coaching

Coaching brings benefits to individuals, but also to organisations. In 2011 the ILM published research called ‘Creating a Coaching Culture’ using inputs from the ILM itself, and from other leading coaching organisations such as CIPD, ICF, AC and EMCC. There was a clear consensus on the value of coaching as a development tool which assists both the organisation (95%) and the individual (96%).

In terms of personal development, 43% listed improved self-awareness, 42% improved confidence and in terms of the organisation itself, 45% reported improvements in knowledge and skills as a result of coaching.

To illustrate what this means in practice, ​below are a selection of comments from clients of Jackie Arnold’s coaching which provide a good overview of the range these benefits cover both in terms of the organisation and the individual.


“Coaching has made staff feel valued during a period of uncertainty and much change.”

Leanne McMahon
Control Room Manager
Kent Fire & Rescue Service

“Coaching has really changed how I upward manage and empowered me to challenge senior management. I no longer avoid conflict, and am able to give positive feedback and support my team more easily.”

Jon Chambers
Senior Executive
IT Company based in Surrey

“I want our school to become a coaching community because I see many benefits. It encourages trust and sharing. It will energise staff and get them to feel enthusiastic about their work and enjoy it again – by giving them the opportunity to take control and choose their own direction. Ultimately the knock-on effect will be in quality of teaching and learning.”

Rose Finch
Assistant Head
Sir Charles Parsons School

The fire service is currently undergoing its biggest period of change since its formation in 1947. Coaching has been identified as one of the most effective ways of supporting this change, as well as helping to facilitate new projects, improve job satisfaction and morale, reduce conflict and stress and improve self management.

Dean Firmin
Kent Fire & Rescue Service

“Since starting the coaching programme I have found that staff are more organised, generally they seem to plan better and return work on time. The change in their attitude towards customers has improved significantly”.

Accounts Manager
Barclays Bank

1-2-1 Coaching has enabled me to stand back from the organisation, prioritise my time and focus more on my own leadership role. It has contributed significantly to my confidence when speaking to the media and making presentations to the board.

Senior Executive
OnAir/Sita Geneva Switzerland