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Health & Wellness

Empowerment in Health and Wellness New book is a beacon of resilience and self-compassion, in times of uncertainty

Health & Wellness

This book is a collaboration between members of the volunteer coaching team at Foundation Centre and other Health & Wellness Professionals.

‘Empowerment in Health and Wellness’ brings new perspectives on the mind-body connection, with relation to stress and anxiety reduction, building motivation and inspiring people to respond to the needs of their current reality. The key message is simple, empowerment enables people to navigate uncertainly, and supports them to engage fully in their life with resilience and self-compassion.

The wisdom and perspectives in ‘Empowerment in Health and Wellness’ are innovative and drawn from a huge depth of experience, directly from coaching service members of Fountain Centre (
a UK charity working with the National Health Service which supports cancer patients, their carers and families.

Navigating change and uncertainty is one of humanity’s biggest challenges. However, after reading the book, readers will find empowerment to be the key to confronting uncertainty more resourcefully and to thrive in its wake.


The book offers approaches from professionals working with the mind-body connection to reduce stress and anxiety, build motivation and enable individuals to understand and respond to their needs.

You will discover the impact of three pillars of
Empowerment: Awareness, Information and Learning. This provides you with the framework to deepen your professional knowledge, skills and confidence to support yourself and others in times of uncertainty and crisis.

“We live in very uncertain and complex times which generate fear and anxiety,” explain the editors “And if you’re also suffering from an illness, these feelings are compounded. However, developing a sense of empowerment enables us to find our sense of meaning. To live more mindfully and with self-determination. With these working hand-in-hand, life becomes more manageable. In this book, we offer multiple perspectives on these topics, and prepare readers for this life-enhancing empowerment.”

Continuing, “The Fountain Centre coaches regularly share experiences candidly in supervision. Each session contributes to personal and professional growth, and our ability to better support others in the future.  Other Health & Wellness colleagues joined us to contribute to broaden and deepen the learning experience and scope of the book” 

‘Empowerment in Health and Wellness’ will be launched with a Discussion Webinar with the authors on February 4th 2021 at 16.00 which is both World Cancer Day and Time to Talk Day .

Copies of the book can be ordered from this website –  and from Amazon: