Dr. Christa Uehlinger

Dr. Christa Uehlinger who is an experienced intercultural advisor with a long international track record, holds a doctorate in law. She is the founder and owner of christa uehlinger linking people® (www.linkingpeople.ch). More than ten years in international business, working as a manager and consultant for globally operating companies, made her realise that culture is often seen as a threat and not as potential.

Her penchant for lateral thinking as well as her fascination for other people and cultures led her into intercultural realms. She studied intercultural communication in Portland/USA. Today she works with leading companies from different industries as well as municipal employees, nurses, teachers and multicultural teams supporting them to discover the beauty of alien cultures, to make cooperation more effective and thus to be more successful.

Additionally, she is a lecturer in intercultural communication, author and key note speaker as well as a certified IDI administrator. Her curiosity to discover other cultures and people led her professionally and privately to Europe, Canada, the US, India, Australia and Asia where she has lived, worked and travelled.

Born and bred in Zurich in multicultural Switzerland, she speaks Swiss German, German, French, English and a bit of Italian.