Coaching Beyond

Coaching Beyond

This Continual Professional Development (CPD) course will inspire you to act on your values and bring them into coaching and supervision conversations.  The mastery of coaching comes with practice and experimentation. This course will allow you to be yourself in a safe space.


You will discover:

Where you feel uncomfortable and how to stay in flow.

How to role model being true to your values whilst raising concerns which reflect the world around us today and for the future.

How do difficult, edgy conversations feel to you now?

What is your own response to climate change and biodiversity loss?

How can you bring hope and challenge whilst holding a safe space for your clients?

The course hopes to provide ways of being as well as tools and techniques and insights. You will have time to listen, reflect, learn and experiment together with other like-minded coaches and supervisors. 

You will leave the course feeling inspired how your coaching approach can have a positive impact on the world around us.

What impact does your coaching practice have on you and on others around you?