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Cancer Coaching

Cancer Coaching Community, supporting people affected by cancer to live well

Every two minutes someone is diagnosed with cancer.

By 2020, almost one in two people in the UK will get cancer at some point in their lives. The majority will survive their disease for at least 10 years.
Many struggle with the aftermath of their treatment. Cancer does not just affect people physically – it causes anxiety and depression, damages confidence, challenges relationships and affects working lives. Post active treatment, cancer survivors often feel vulnerable and unsupported.

Cancer Coaching

In the words of Dr Peter Harvey, Consultant Clinical Psychologist “…once heard, the diagnosis of cancer can never be forgotten. Whatever your prognosis, whatever your hopes, whatever your personality, the second that you know that you have cancer your life changes irrevocably.”

The Cancer Coaching Community (CCC) is a newly founded community of professional coaches who coach people affected by cancer, to support them to move forward from their cancer experience.
What’s unique about this group is that ALL coaches have direct or indirect cancer experience and have a wide knowledge and understanding about the impact of cancer.

By coaching we mean providing an holistic blend of coaching and mentoring support for people affected by cancer, enabling them to deal successfully with the impact of cancer on their lives and to move forward from it in the way they need.

We aspire to be the UK organisation that champions coaching for people affected by cancer. It will enable them to access trained, knowledgeable and professional coaches, who will provide dedicated support at one of the most challenging periods in people’s lives.

CCC aims are to:

  • Improve self-management and the resilience of people affected by cancer
  • Collate and share knowledge of the practice and benefits of cancer coaching
  • Develop proposals for how cancer coaching can help healthcare professionals,employers and society to meet the growing demand for after-cancer care and reduce costs
  • Raise awareness of cancer coaching amongst people affected by cancer
  • Provide the focal point for research into the practice and benefits of cancer coaching
  • Collaborate with cancer and wellbeing organisations to increase awareness
  • Meet the growing demand for cancer coaching and promote & facilitate a national cancer coaching service

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