Across Boundaries – Discussions and Outcomes

As an ambassador for AOCS and coaching supervisor, I recently attended an international supervision open space event called Across Boundaries – Hosted by The Association of Coaching Supervisors and OCM

These are just some of the areas discussed during the event and some of the possible outcomes.

An opportunity for professional dialogue with coaching & supervision experts
A coming together of all the major coaching bodies to discuss the future of supervision
To continue to promote the high value and unique CDP gained from supervision
To build supervision into all coach training programmes as a given
To look to Europe where supervision for coaches is compulsory
To ensure best practice for supervision through the existing professional bodies & groups
To repeat this open space day every year ensuring continued professional dialogues that provide strength & depth for the profession

And as a result of this inspiring event there is the intention to create an e-book with all the useful insights that emerged from the day

So watch this space…….