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International Coaching Supervision Group

Welcome to the International Coaching Supervision Group commencing on Thursday 19th October 2017 from 5pm – 7pm GMT. We will share interesting case studies, explore challenges and concerns and consider best practice in coaching. If you are coaching senior leaders 1-2-1 or facilitating multi-national teams across borders then this is for you! In a safe and non-judgemental environment you will learn from each other and individually form robust coaching practices. Do join us for two hours every third Thursday in the month for eight months.

Fee: £480 for eight months (= £60 per 2 hour session)

International Coaching Supervision Group

Please complete and submit this form to register for this exciting new offer. Once your form is received we will invoice you for payment, which once received will result in your being enrolled in this new group starting in October.

Jackie Arnold an expert in executive coaching & leadership supervision shares her insights and experience of effective supervision

Supervision is a safe reflective place for all individuals acting as managers, support workers, coaches or mentors to explore their own work in partnership with a skilled and respectful professional. It promotes the safety of all stakeholders, enhances ethical awareness and encourages growth and learning for all parties.

If you are visiting this page you most likely support or are a leader of others. You may be someone who has chosen to actively support staff members in your organisation, company, university or workplace. You may work in either the private or public sector and at middle to senior level of the company or organisation. You have chosen a role where you are encouraging others to:

Build relationships, Engage their teams, Support their growth and Trust their judgement. In other words you want them to work at their B.E.S.T.

It is now recognised by the major coaching organisations that sensitive and /or challenging situations require a trusting and collaborative form of supervision;

This is the kind of environment that allows the manager as coach or mentor to reflect on their patterns of behaviour; it’s a space for all coaches to nurture those interventions which best serve their own growth and that of their clients, staff and or teams.

As many external coaches, managers and leaders are required to ‘coach’ or ‘mentor’ senior staff, the need for effective and skilled supervision has never been greater. Supervision differs from coaching in that it has a broader, deeper and less defined remit. It is usually longer term and supports the development of the coach or mentor in service of their client. The focus is more on the coach/client dynamics and the complex relationships across the organisation. Not only is this a protection for the leader it also ensures safety for members of staff in supervision, and indeed for the whole organisation.


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