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Helen Zeida

I have been amazed at the difference having Jackie as my coach supervisor has made both to my coaching practice and to the way I feel about my work. I knew that professional supervision with Jackie would be beneficial, and it has greatly exceeded my expectations. Jackie has such a natural, warm and steady presence where I feel really listened to and valued. Her skill and expertise is evident in the way she always creates the right conditions for me to learn from my experiences and grow personally and professionally. I have used some sessions to develop specific pieces of coaching work and Jackie’s questions have enabled me to get much clearer focus on what exactly I need to do next. Her versatility has meant that any situation I have brought to the table has been handled in just the right way for me to move forwards on it as required...I have found my true direction and gained more understanding of where my future work can be more successful in meeting my hearts’ desire and my financial needs. The blend of quality coaching combined with Jackie’s experience of business, particularly in the Health and Social Care Sector has been perfect and I want to thank you Jackie for being there at just the right time. I don’t know what I would have done without you!

Co-Director of MO Positive Change Project for young adults with special needs


Co-Director of MO Positive Change Project for young adults with special needs

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