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Coaching & Mentoring

You want to be coached by a respected and trustworthy professional who will challenge you to be the BEST you can be.

You are looking to enhance your leadership skills and behaviors; to be confident when leading and mentoring your teams.

You would like to work with top Business Development Consultants and professional Coaches who support their clients to identify the skills and behaviours, aligned to the company’s strategic goals, required for strong team building and leadership.  Our core values are trust, integrity and professionalism.

You are looking for coaching and training programmes designed to develop your executive and leadership skills, enhance teambuilding skills, build relationships and support effective communication. As high performing leaders, managers and professionals you welcome the opportunity to progress, and develop your full potential.

We help you achieve this through a combination of individual assessments, tailored courses, action-learning and coaching. Our coaching services for individuals and teams focus on building leadership competences that directly impact on results.  You can trust us to listen to your needs.

Coaching and training are effective when:

  • The executive/leader has a desire or willingness to change.
  • There is mutual trust, understanding and respect between the coach/trainer and coachee/trainee
  • The coach/trainer, executive and the organisation are aware of and commit to work towards specific and agreed goals.

Some of the areas where we have recently supported executives:

  • One-to-one coaching for effective delegation and time management.
  • Public speaking skills for key meetings and presentations.
  • Supporting and motivating senior managers who are coping with change and uncertainty.
  • Working with executives to enhance team building skills and organisational processes to meet changing business needs.
  • Enhancing capabilities for managing stress, change, conflict or crisis.
  • Setting clear boundaries for work/life balance.

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