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Three Brain Super-Vision Exercise

The Three Brain Super-vision Exercise Scientists have recently discovered that the neurons we have in the ‘head brain’ are also present in the heart and gut. This means that when we speak about emotions coming from the heart and ‘gut feelings’ we are actually speaking about the ‘brain’ in those areas sending important signals to…

Useful feedback techniques for managers

Giving really useful ‘clean’ feedback in appraisals and interviews – sensitively This week I was training a group of managers on giving effective feedback. Once again I used the “Clean Language” method created by David Grove and further developed  for Clean Feedback by Caitlin Walker. It really enables people to learn something useful from the…

Clean Language in Effective Coaching & Supervision

Effective coaching supervision at its B.E.S.T (Build Engage Support Trust)   is applied when coaches and mentors would like to explore the unconscious dynamics that can occur between the coach and their client (and often the organisation.)  They would like to build on their existing skills, self-knowledge and awareness of own preferred interventions. Perhaps they are…

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Coaching Supervision at its BEST

This ILM validated book “Coaching Supervision at its BEST” (Build, Engage, Support, Trust) supports you both before, during and after supervision occurs. It is based on the innovative Clean Language methodology developed by David Grove.  

Effective Coaching Supervision – Rewards for the Organisation

The rewards to the organisation from having an effective method of unbiased supervsion and “self-supervision“ are great. One supervision model widely known is the Double Loop Learning concept in organisational development from researchers Chris Argyris and Donald Schon. The method presents a way forward for people in organisations to challenge assumptions, decide on new systems,…

Reflective Practice in Coaching & Supervision

The importance of reflective learning and practice in coaching & supervision What is meant by reflective learning? How often do you question your interventions, techniques or ways of working? Do you know what works and what doesn’t ? How do you know? Do you have a way to notice what you may have missed in…

Coaching Supervision at its BEST

All the research shows that the true essence of coaching and supervision where change and transformation occurs is determined by the quality of the relationship which is created. It is how you enter the supervision sessions, what state you are in and how your energy affects the supervisee that really counts. Supervision session using clean…

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